Each are known by name…

group of alpacas on the green path in the trees

Most of the time, we don’t struggle to remember the names of our alpacas. It’s not only how they look but how they behave and interact with each other. Their ‘names’ are merely the moniker we have given them so we remember who they are. But they know. And they know each other. In the … Read more

Finding what we thought was lost


Discovering our place in the ecosystem is an eye–and heart–opener. Here in the valley, it isn’t our job to dominate, control or even try to make it ‘safe’. So that means respectfully living and letting live even if the consequence is the eggs of our lovely pair of Canada Geese feeding the hungry Fox family. … Read more

The habitation of multitudes


When we look at ourselves, each other and the beings around us, we usually see in the singular. A person. A friend. A tree. Perhaps our individualist lens obscures the insight that we are all multitudes. This old oak houses many more-than-human communities. So the fact that it no longer has leaves doesn’t mean it … Read more

For radical rootedness, less is more


I am continuing to muse on unfurling while also sensing we’re in a season of asking big questions… RADICAL ROOTEDNESS It’s hard to let goof things that havedefined us,of identitieswe’ve answered tofor so long. This is me you’re talking about,the only me I know… But what if there’smore of the real uswaiting to emerge,yet without … Read more

Who are you? That is the question


Yesterday I was part of the regular Friday Morning group call for Like Hearted Leaders (brilliant if you are a solopreneur or micro business). We were exploring the question: who are you?  Having been musing on identity recently, it was great to hear a range of perspectives. As a poet, I also wanted to play … Read more

What happens when we cross a boundary


A shift occurs when we cross a threshold. It’s both external and internal, though not always immediately apparent. Because our surroundings change, and so do we. And when boundaries are protected to define who belongs where – we also create a new story about who we are. So this is not a space for those … Read more

The delight of not being singular


Our English language values precision. Words sit in boxes. And we talk about “dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s.” Yet life is not singular, and neither is action discrete. We live on a connected continuum. I do, and I keep on doing – present continuous. And who I am is an expression of being, … Read more

Announcing your place in the family of things


We all want to belong. Though we’re not always sure of where or with whom. And some of us have a hard time finding our place because there are conflicting pulls on our identity. We don’t fit neatly into boxes. So exploring the shift that I think is going on – both personally and generally … Read more

Names are important


Owning who we are requires our accepting a name. This is the gift we wear that shapes our reflection and our voice. What name do you go by? Maybe it’s more important than you realise. ~ Spending time with our alpacas while shearing them reminds us why we gave them the names we did! This … Read more

Knowing in an astonishing plurality


Our language is framed around the individual. Yet there is no singular you or me, just the appearance of individuality. And while we are each gloriously distinctive, we are always us. The us of hereditary and community. We didn’t birth ourselves, and our nurturing utterly relied on others. And now, we are interdependent partners in … Read more