Pondering on the colour of hope

Tiny camellia bud just starting to open

I love these days of transition from the stark greys of winter toward the emerging promise of spring. And seeing tiny glimpses of colour appearing in the valley, I wonder about the colour of hope. SPRING HOPE Colour is seepingthrough layers of winter,revealing hope in shades of rainbow,infusing greys withpromises of life. + Sue Heatherington … Read more

Wild hope and new life

Close up of frog spawn and a waterlily leaf

The first sighting of frog spawn in the pond says it all. Spring is on its way. These early embryos may not all survive the remaining blasts of winter. But some will. And the next will fare better. This is wild hope in action. And the lessons are free. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 This … Read more

There is only now

Torrent of water pouring over the water gate at the top of the valley

Plan B is an illusion. Something we tell ourselves is available if things don’t work out as anticipated. But the birds have got it right: there is no plan B (Wild Hope). There is only now and the actions we take today. Because both the context and we have changed. Or, to borrow from Heraclitus: … Read more

Hope doesn’t have sharp elbows!

Late afternoon sun in a grey sky at the end of the valley

Of course not… So why do we expect hope to barge in and make their presence known? Instead, we have the opportunity to extend an invitation. To prepare a welcome. And then let hope work in us right to our very core. HOPE Despair feels comfortable. Giving up is all too easy. There is little … Read more

Hope for the other – a midweek Pause for Peace

Tuber floating on the pond surface with shrub reflection

It is relatively easy to hope for peace for those who are like us. We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. But what about the others? Those who don’t look, or sound, or smell like us. Taking a moment to step into their shoes. Together. #Pause4Peace 🌿 ~ a tuber from the bottom of … Read more

The invitation of wild hope

Winter morning view across the lake with birds in view

The shift is discernable. You can sense it in the air. And on the lake, the birds are gathering… WILD HOPE Untamed… Not packaged in little sachets you can buy at the chemist, nor order online like a quick fix for meaninglessness. Wild hope is free, and costs everything. Just watch the birds, they don’t … Read more

Here in the darkness – here is hope

Ripples in the dark water at dusk in Winter

Standing quietly at the end of the lake, watching the water move in the closing darkness, is not the place for bright inspiration. Instead, it draws me into a deeper appreciation of being alive. Here and now, in this place. HOPE IN WINTER At this time of yearin this darkening lightwhere is hope found? In … Read more

For times when words are inadequate

abstract image of leaves moving in the darkness

We all know times when we don’t have the words. Maybe our language lacks the complexity we are trying to articulate. Perhaps it is too narrow or shallow for what we are trying to say. Or we are overwhelmed by the negativity we encounter daily, to rise above with a verbal expression of hope. In … Read more

On the unfolding of becoming

raindrop suspended on the edge of a curling leaf in autumn

Carrying tiny pieces of poetry in my pocket, I am caught by the nature of the invitation. THE UNFOLDING OF BECOMING If we knew,would we go there,or choose insteadthe safetyof the familiarand miss it all? Or walk into the welcoming,unfolding,unknown ofbecoming, with hope instead. + Sue Heatherington Let’s walk together. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 … Read more