Where does hope come from?

Water flowing over a waterstep

You can’t buy hope in a supermarket Nor from the vendor on the street corner. It doesn’t come in packets for mixing with water three times a day. And I’m not sure you can talk yourself into hope, like a mantra from a self-improvement book. So, where does hope come from? ~ Hope is a … Read more

Being beacons of hope

Close up of deep pink hydrangea flower

Breathe in beauty. I am conscious of so much ugliness in the world and don’t want to drown in its waves. I want to rise above it, not as a moral indictment but as a beacon of hope. Breathe in beauty. Stand in the natural world’s presence, even if it’s a tree in the park … Read more

It’s time for a few good words

Extraordinary purple haze at sunset down the valley

A few good words… Words that help us pause, think and see differently. That inspire possibilities and unlock our human becoming in a world drowning in noise. Words that are not just more words, but give us breathing space for the things that matter in our work and world. My few good words are like … Read more

Seeds seen from the edge

close-up of Wild Angelica seed heads

There’s a rhythm to the growing season, often moving almost imperceptibly from one stage to the next without us noticing. Until we do. On the edges of paths, the Wild Angelica have been gracefully offering their little white florets to the sun and are now putting all their energies into the seed heads that replace … Read more

Waiting for the right time

Close-up of a bulging rose hip after the petals have fallen

We are so impatient. We think speed and immediacy is the goal. But that only produces small fruit, often tasteless and soon forgotten. Instead, what would be worth waiting for? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ After the flower comes the seed… This is the rose hip from the stunningly beautiful rose in Being quiet … Read more

Choosing better worlds

Every day we have choices. The little choices that, over time, have such a big effect. Seeding beautiful words is an act of radical hope that words make worlds + Sue Heatherington Let’s intentionally develop our vocabulary and exercise our better word muscles. Starting with what we consume. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Can you see the tide turning?

light catching ripples in the brook

Recently a friend spoke with a clear sense of the turning tide. This resonated with me and others with whom I shared the image. What are you seeing? WAKING UP This is a new day. And each sunrise is a new beginning. A time to put away the shrouds of night and put on the … Read more

Delighting in the abundance of nature


The riotous abundance of buttercups on the old paths underneath the old trees expands each year. Re-wilding gives nature a chance to breathe. NATURE’S OFFERING Beautiful spacecreates beautifulspace createslife createscolour createshope. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Holding onto hope and anticipation


Every day I scrutinise the reed bed for signs of new life. The fresh green shoots are taking their time emerging, but I know they will come. So I wait with hope and anticipation. And remember that we are the gatekeepers of our expectations. Always. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿