Courage and hope open our lives to fresh light

Fern on the edge of a dark pool

The unfolding of this powerful blessing from John O’Donohue feels like the story of my week. And I suspect it will resonate with you too… So here it is in full. FOR COURAGE When the light around you lessensAnd your thoughts darken untilYour body feels fear turnCold as stone inside, When you find yourself bereftOf … Read more

Ripples of Hope – a midweek Pause for Peace

Ripples across the water - view from the bank

We’ve been practising a midweek Pause for Peace for eight months. So what’s the story we’re telling ourselves? What difference can it possibly make… In one sense, that’s the wrong question – we’re not doing this because we have the power to make change. Instead, we’re choosing to stand with those who desperately need peace. … Read more

Is hope seeing without sight?

Close up of the underside of a fern frond on the muddy path

Walking up to feed the boys yesterday, I experienced hope. Firstly, that the boys would be there… The tree foliage is now so dense that swathes of the hillside are obscured from the farmhouse. But they haven’t turned up for food since Saturday, so I expect they are hungry. The second was noticing a discarded … Read more

Kneeling in the unknown – a midweek Pause for Peace

New growth reeds exposed as the water levels go down - with heron prints on the sand bank

I can’t begin to know what it is like to be under siege. Where everything that I have and am is under constant threat. So, I kneel and pray for peace. Kneel, because I cannot know. And pray because I choose to hope. #Pause4Peace Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Spring is becoming

Closeup of yellow primroses

I’ve been waiting for spring. For lots of reasons, and also because I knew that Gideon Heugh’s new book, Naming God, contained some gorgeous poems about spring. So, in a week of thinking about hope and becoming, this seems appropriate: SPRING IS BECOMING Spring is becoming,and the sap is on the move.Thoughts acquire new muscle … Read more

Seeing the fork in the road

Twisted wild honeysuckle branches and a leaning leaf with dew drops

We rarely have a literal fork in the road or a decision that is so clearly binary. However, daily, there are tiny choices that will shape our becoming. Often, these are decisions of degree between the known and unknown. Where we are confident and where it may feel risky. Yet there is only one direction … Read more

Delighting in the display of life loving life

Close up of damp willow buds just emerging

After the hazel have spilled their tumbling catkins in an early fanfare, the willows are next in line. Little lightly tinged soft buds, like delicately formed puffs of cotton wool, venture out from stern branches. Almost a little surprised to have arrived. Just a few. At first. LIFE LOVES LIFE Life cannot helpbut birth life. … Read more

The love that will not let us go…

Boots one with duct tape on rocks by the stream

My wellies have a crack. Currently, my solution is duct tape. No, it doesn’t stop them from leaking, but it keeps the mud at bay. And I’ve been wondering about what holds us together when the cracks appear. Where is our hope? And to what or whom do we entrust ourselves? Where is the love … Read more