In the time in between

Looking across the valley at the multi-coloured sky at sunset

This feels like a ‘there… but not quite yet…’ day. Of course, it probably isn’t helped by the glorious evidence of spring earlier in the week, only to be interrupted by a ferocious hail storm and then snow… Today is nearly the end of Holy Week, which has had far more resonance for me this … Read more

In the darkness, this is holy ground

Close up of a deep red rose

For Good Friday… HOLY GROUND Cradling light and dark, joy and pain, life and death. This is holy ground. Where what is broken, can be restored, and grief is held with a gentle hand. This is holy ground. Where tomorrow’s hope is more real than today, even if we can’t see it, yet. This is … Read more

In the kindness of quiet

View along the green path in early spring sunlight with the trees still bare

Quiet isn’t an empty space. It isn’t a place of absence. Here, we hear the whisper of kindness if we let down our shields. In this place, we hear what our soul has been telling us all along. We just didn’t stop to listen… Here, too, we hear the voices of others—not those who are … Read more

Stepping into the quiet

Fallen camillia flowers after the rain

For those observing Holy Week, in whatever way… INTO THE QUIET In the steps of holy week,however we choose to follow,walking softly with quietened mind,tender heart and soul that can hearthe whisper we need to know.Go gently. This is holy ground. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ After rainfall