The song of the human heart

small shafts of sunlight falling on blue and pink hydrangea flowers

Reflections on this day… OF HUMAN HEARTS What is the song of the human heart? To know and be known. To love and be loved. To be complete in incompleteness, soul to soul and heart to heart. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Your part in new beginnings

pink buds of foxglove flowers

In one sense, we are always alive to new beginnings, though I wasn’t especially looking for one now. However, time has that habit of folding and creasing in unexpected ways. Not calling us to do, but to pay attention. To listen to what we need to hear. Steve Garnaas-Holmes’s poem on Thursday caught my attention … Read more

How can we see the unknown?


How do we seewithout sight,and knowwithout knowing? By courageouslyreleasing our grasp,relinquishing our rightto understand. Listening insteadfor heartbeats,and songsof the deep, and how waterflows, orravens dancein the wind. Only then, whenwe’ve finally let go  can we glimpsethe unknown.

Voices of story and truth


Words shape the way we see the world. However, language is more than the words we use. There are the external inflexions – our tone, phrasing and vocabulary – and these are held in the flow of our movements and posture. Yet our knowing what is being communicated is even more than these. We subtly … Read more

More than hearing


When we listen, really listen, it takes more than our ears. Especially when there are no words. I wonder, what does your heart song sound like?