Being open to listen to the world

View along our country lane in the valley

Walking down the lane, I heard an unfamiliar bird song. It prompted this reflection… I may need to reset my tuning… Or even beyond that, do I need to be more open to the questions themselves? Because none of us can hear everything, we would drown. Instead, there are some things that we need to … Read more

What do we hear in the other voice?

Steve walking down the hill

I don’t speak ‘alpaca’, but I do know who is talking when the more vocal amongst our herd make themselves known. And I don’t know what every Steve in the world sounds like, but I could pick out ‘my Steve’ in any vocal lineup. Likewise, he is very good at discerning my anxious and self-denying … Read more

Tuning into the landscape


Where we listen might be as important as how we listen. It’s just not as obvious. Where do we listen with the most aliveness, and what do we hear? ~ When the valley is in the clouds, the sounds change. It is extraordinary what becomes muted and what is heightened.

What do we think we hear?


What do you hear when you see water gushing over rocks? I hear a rumble and roar as the lake fills and overflows after rainfall. It gets louder and reverberates as it descends to the open mouth of the underground tunnel – the reservoir’s original draw–off point over a century ago. Yet here’s the thing. … Read more

Paying attention to the silence


How about stepping into the silence rather than running away from it? What might we find that we can’t hear elsewhere? Especially once we make friends with our fear. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Fresh sight from the quiet edge


Following yesterday’s post, What does this time ask of me? I recalled a phrase I was drawn to a while ago: fresh sight from the quiet edge. So I carried it with me while walking across the hillside after feeding the alpacas. Expecting to see something… FINDINGS AT THE QUIET EDGE At the quiet edge, … Read more

The gift of seeing slant


Seeing from the side,the edge whereothers care notto stand. What do you see? And what do you hearon the wind,  that speaks aloneto you? Or what do you noticethat is callingfor your soft, innerattention? This is for you. Open your handsto receive, andyour heart to respond. We are waiting.

Being open to hearing differently


Beyond this verdant bank of green, the valley drops to the old stone water steps feeding into a small, shaded sluice pond. Walking along our lane, the sound of the water changes depending on the density of the vegetation and how far I am from the source. It’s the same sound, but I hear it … Read more