The vibrancy of new growth

Fresh bramble shoots and leaves

Have you noticed how green the green shoots are this year? See the vibrancy of the new growth. The sense of life that it offers with its vigour. What do you see around you, and what does it do for your soul? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Edging towards greenness


The valley is edging towards greenness. I was only away for a day, and it is greener even in today’s mist. There’s greater intensity as the leaves clothe the trees, and their winter nakedness is covered. More vibrant as the moss and lichens respond to warmth and moisture. And the grass, beloved of alpacas and … Read more

There is time to breathe


During Spring here in the valley, new life emerges in waves. On days with warm sun, we might see growth spurts. But this isn’t driven by the starter’s gun. Because becoming isn’t a race. It’s a gracious and graceful response to the conditions around us. A generative conversation, and sometimes, we need to pause.

Angles of light


When the clouds part the sun is warm with the scent of season’s turning,  and the promise that seeking a different angle offers a different sight. And the first bumblebee. + Sue Heatherington It was surprisingly warm in the sun as I fed the boys yesterday afternoon. It enlivened everything and complemented my morning walk … Read more

Into the darkness – a prelude


This is one of those plump acorns from earlier in the autumn. Can you see how it’s opening up and reaching for the dark? But it cannot grow into a sapling oak here on the path. So I moved it to a place where it could burrow into the leaf mould and the earthy soil … Read more

Reasons to expand our listening


The thing about echo chambers is that they are predictable. After a while, we know what will come next. Yet that familiarity can become comfortable. We know where we are, or at least think we are. Until we realise that this isn’t reality. And then we have a choice.

Context is everything –growing where we’re sown


All living beings are intrinsically connected to their environment, from the largest tree to the smallest amoeba (or virus…). They only thrive if they are in the right conditions. And even then, how they thrive and the exact form they take is context-specific. Winemakers talk about the terroir. The distinctive soil, topography and climate that … Read more

Slowing down our responses and getting better results


Yes, I know this sounds counter-intuitive. After all, we’ve spent decades speeding things up and celebrating he who gets there first. Yet, the reality is that we’re not in a fit state to go fast – especially at this time – and neither is this our best contribution. Instead, that’s what we’ve created information technology … Read more

Where are all the nasturtiums?


Last year the raised bed was overflowing with gorgeous orange and yellow faces and abundant greenery. Exuberant in growth and impact, I couldn’t help but smile every time I passed by. So, where are they now? There was just a single flower tucked away at the side, even though hundreds of seed pods were left … Read more