Being rooted while in transition…

Swan on the lake with autumn background

The solitary white swan left on Wednesday. And we miss her beautiful presence. I sensed she felt safe here and stayed for as long as she needed, probably for some form of grieving. But then it was time to go… Being rooted while in transition – this seems like a contradiction. How can we be … Read more

Being rooted and grounded in love


We live in the illusion of being rootless. Yes, we can connect with almost anyone, anywhere. And people we have never met in person can become very dear to us. However, we do this from who we are and where we are. For while our sense of home might have grown tired and worn, we … Read more

What is the ground on which I stand?


What is the groundon which I stand?Is it gritty asphalt,a rocky outcrop,or waterside meadows? Is it the external forcesthat hold metogether,or the internalflows thatkeep me alive? Is it what Itouch andtaste, and see?Or what Ifeel and trust,  and believe with adeeper knowing? Does it depend onwhere I’ve been,or is itfresh each day? Do I have … Read more


Of the thousands of trees in our valley, only four came down in the recent storms. One was an old and decaying silver birch that was covered in heavy ivy. It was only a matter of time. And the insects and bugs have already had a field day. Lunch on the ground. The other three … Read more