On the cusp of time


Where is the pathon the cusp of time?The invitation to walk fromknowing to unknowing. To see the change in seasonripening before our eyes,while whispering farewellsto lives once lived. Nothing is held formore than a moment.These are just spaceswe dance within. ~ After feeding the alpacas, I climbed up the hillside, watching the flow of seasons … Read more

Smiling with gratitude for life


You might see a mushroom in less than its prime. And wish for what might have been. I smile.  Because I see a feast enjoyed and a living demonstration of interdependence. That also means picking up a dead mole further along the path and tossing them into the undergrowth to continue their part in the … Read more

Earth gifts


The earth, this beautiful world we live in, is a gift, given with a smile. And gifts are for delighting in and cherishing. It’s not polite to just take without giving thanks or giving in return.

Treasures in the weeds


Musing on shifting stones and the obstacles we perceive as permanent, I wrote a list of all the things I knew were both true and positive about our current challenges. Overnight, what had felt insurmountable was reframed, and my stuckness dissolved. Gratitude – naming our blessings – is the only way I knew how to … Read more

Here. Now.


Pause,be stilledat thismomentofgratitudeand loss,time’salchemy,a giftforan after. ~ 23rd March 2020 – one year on.

The gift of contentment


Faced with yet more torrential rain and water cascading off the mountainside, my friend Alistair Duncan – another multi-talented artist – suggested I tackle the gift of redistribution. At that point in time, he was more than happy for someone else – in fact, anywhere in need of water – to have what was sloshing … Read more

I’m grateful for green!

Don’t laugh. It’s true, I am so grateful for green. And no, this isn’t a political comment, though it could be… I live in a green valley and every day I’m thankful for the privilege of being here. Our world and it’s fragile balance relies on the life-giving properties of our green environment. And so … Read more