Being open to the beautiful

White swan on the far edge of the lake

Gentle honks overhead announced their arrival. Looking up from my mossy perch, I expected to see the Canada Geese for a return trip. Instead, I witnessed the most graceful landing on the lake I have ever seen. Huge white wings effortlessly break the air to land with poise. Three beautiful swans. And as we watched … Read more

Balance or flow?


The passing of the spring equinox turned my attention to balance. After all, this is one of the two points in the year when day and night are equally proportioned. But just for twenty-four hours. Here’s the thing, perfect balance may be for machines, but for everything else, we need flow. While healthy momentum passes … Read more

Choosing the graceful presence


It’s not what you look at that matters. It is what you see. Henry David Thoreau Seeing is different from looking. We can casually cast our eyes across a scene or give momentary attention to a person, but that is not seeing. We have not brought ourselves into the frame, whatever it is, and given … Read more