Knowing what matters is a gift


In a world of hollow noise and superficial reaction, knowing what matters to us is a gift. Yet so often, we’ve settled for something less. Perhaps it’s been what pleases others, makes us look good or avoids our fears. Yet on those occasions when all else is stripped away, and we see clearly what matters … Read more

Waiting to come home


How many of usare waiting to come home?To arrive at the door,and not have to knock.To know we are welcome,here, now, in this place.Crossing the thresholdof grace, with grace. + Sue Heatherington ~ Thinking of the many far from home, physically and metaphorically. And those currently approaching a threshold, unsure of what they will find. … Read more

Pausing for grace


Let’s hush the noise,tamp down the echoesand invite thegentleness of graceand the quietnessof compassionto say a few words.

Coming to a new place of rest


I’m not sure we can truly come to a place of rest if we don’t love ourselves. Yes, it’s a journey. And no, this isn’t about a propensity to make excuses. Loving ourselves isn’t about putting ourselves first, ranking our worthiness, or excusing our failures. Instead, it’s the place of honesty, reality and grace. Where … Read more

Ingredients for the future of collective hope


HARD WORK + HOPE + RADICAL GRACE Ai-jen Poo and Tarana Burke This is the recipe for a collective becoming that is powerfully emerging. Yes, it’s tough. And yes, it can’t be done alone. But it is possible, even today. ~ Listen to the intimate and honest conversation between visionary friends Ai-jen Poo and Tarana … Read more

Unfurling into the grace of beginning


Yes. That’s all it takes. Not if’s and but’s and maybe’s. Simply yes. Though your destination is not yet clearYou can trust the promise of this opening;Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginningThat is at one with your life’s desire. The fifth verse from John O’Donohue’s blessing: For a New Beginning. ~ Cheering on those … Read more

Into the shadows again


Sometimes we need shadows. Not as a place of escape or excuse, but of rest. In gentleness, where the angled light helps us uncover our own depths. Naming things that have profoundly shaped us without our consent. Because here is the place of unhurried compassion and grace. Breathing space for a life being restored.