Grace in the unexpected…

Raindrops on the upturned, underside of a leaf

When things don’t go as planned, it can leave a hole with a question mark in the middle. What did I miss or do wrong? Yet that is just a framing, a way of seeing… This week hasn’t panned out as we anticipated. Steve had throat surgery on Monday. The clinical team were excellent; we’d … Read more

Listening to the call of grace

Small iridescent green bug on a dock leaf

Pondering on who we are becoming – if we will listen to the call. LOVE’S CALL What makes you come alive, responding to a heartbeat louder than your own. Who draws you out,  revealing glorious colours of your inner world. Where do you hear your name, sounding sweeter than you dare to believe. Listening to … Read more

Unwrapping the gift, the promise

Abstract - water tipping over a threshold, with the reflection of trees in the background

It is easy to separate the celebration of Christmas from the new beginning of the New Year. Yet, as I have thought about how we tend to treat Christmas Day as the destination in Advent, the more it has dawned that what comes afterwards is the gift. This is the poem I wrote for The … Read more

The silence of the trees

Beech leaf turning yellow

Hush now. Settle down. This is an invitation to gaze and to listen… THE SILENCE OF THE TREES There is a gracethat we cannot remember,a peace that has passedour understanding. For who cares to listento the silence of the trees?Who ventures out into the quietof their own soul? Who in this age of deafening hurrycan … Read more

On the peace of where to stand

By the brook after the storm

Yesterday, the girls chose to shelter from the storm in some unexpected places. They have a superb knack for knowing when and where. And later, on the hillside, I stood out of the wind between gorse bushes to think about what to write. We sometimes need to relinquish our ‘heroes of the world’ capes. And … Read more

The softness of the homecoming


Coming home to ourselves is not about the shame of having gone away. It is a compassionate welcome for the essence of who we are that can finally flourish again. John O’Donohue captures it well: TO COME HOME TO YOURSELF May all that is unforgiven in you, Be released. May your fears yield Their deepest … Read more

Knowing what matters is a gift


In a world of hollow noise and superficial reaction, knowing what matters to us is a gift. Yet so often, we’ve settled for something less. Perhaps it’s been what pleases others, makes us look good or avoids our fears. Yet on those occasions when all else is stripped away, and we see clearly what matters … Read more

Waiting to come home


How many of us are waiting to come home? To arrive at the door, and not have to knock. To know we are welcome, here, now, in this place. Crossing the threshold of grace, with grace. + Sue Heatherington ~ Thinking of the many far from home, physically and metaphorically. And those currently approaching a … Read more

Pausing for grace


Let’s hush the noise,tamp down the echoesand invite thegentleness of graceand the quietnessof compassionto say a few words.