On exchanging little gifts of kindness


This is what a frog looks like when they’ve been hoicked out of a steep-sided plastic water bucket (great for alpacas but not for frogs). The encounter reminded me of other gifts exchanged on Friday. During an online conversation, a friend asked a simple question that stayed with me over the weekend. It unlatched windows … Read more

The unexpected gift of wild


We often tend to gravitate toward the gift of certainty and familiarity. The call of the wild can feel somewhat alien. Yet here is the place – inside and out – where we encounter things far deeper. Experiences that liberate our soul. Here is the gift of a poem from my friend Tracy Ingham, which … Read more

What is your beautiful gift?


What an expansive and life-giving question to start the new year! It came from the delightful and brilliantly insightful Dr Ernesto Sirolli*. What do you love to do, that brings you alive and makes you shine from the inside? It may be buried away, unused in a compartment of your life that you rarely let … Read more

The Christmas gift


The best gift you can receive is life and knowing you are loved. And the best gift you can give is yourself, expressed through your heart. May we unwrap both this day.

Being at peace in the waiting


Advent is from the Latin adventus: ‘coming’. However, this isn’t a vague ‘maybe something is around the corner’. It is active anticipation of coming into place, or view or even being. Yet how we wait makes a difference. Not to what is approaching, but to us and our seeing and being. There is peace – … Read more

Seeing the gift


We can’t see the gift if we are standing at a distance. Because we can’t see the detail of textures, shape and form. The exquisite interconnections that make up the whole At a distance we only perceive function and get caught up in our own narrative of what we are seeing. The gift is not … Read more

Earth gifts


The earth, this beautiful world we live in, is a gift, given with a smile. And gifts are for delighting in and cherishing. It’s not polite to just take without giving thanks or giving in return.