Unwrapping the gift, the promise

Abstract - water tipping over a threshold, with the reflection of trees in the background

It is easy to separate the celebration of Christmas from the new beginning of the New Year. Yet, as I have thought about how we tend to treat Christmas Day as the destination in Advent, the more it has dawned that what comes afterwards is the gift. This is the poem I wrote for The … Read more

The gift of quiet


This is a gift we give ourselves. We need to own and value it. And if we have it, we can share this gift with others. But we can’t wait, hoping others will give us our gift. Because it’s not that kind of present. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Being still with who we are


I suspect that this kind of stillness doesn’t mean being rigid and motionless. It’s not an absence. Instead, it’s a wholeness characterised by being settled in our own skin. And I suspect it isn’t achieved by earnest pursuit of self-actualisation. Rather by being at peace with who we are. Making healthy choices with insight and … Read more

The gift of your presence


Being human is an extraordinary gift, and with it comes the opportunity to be present. To choose to cultivate our inner and outer being – our soul and our relationships, including our work – because they are inseparable. Because our presence, in its fullness, is our gift to each other and the difference we seek … Read more

On hearing our own voice


Can we hear our own voice? In a world full of noise, this isn’t easy. How do we know it is ours and not the echo of others? Does it sound like us? Is it a voice we want to be around? A stranger we want to meet, whom we wish others to know. This … Read more

The gift of seeing through your eyes


Because we often look at the same things as others, we assume that we all see the same. Here’s the thing, we don’t. And if we think about it, we can’t. I love the simple invitation from Rick Rubin below: Look for what you noticebut no one else sees. + Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: … Read more

At the end of the day


It’s the end of the day, and darkness is closing in. I’m usually back indoors by this time. Yet last night, I was still high up on the hillside, trying to see where the sheep had come in. An old rusty gate had finally been released from the twine that held it in place for … Read more