Go gently and tread lightly

Close up of honeysuckle leaves with individual drops of water

In the soft Welsh rain that feels like gentle mist, water collects rather than splashes. Gathering in beautiful translucent drops, it is in no hurry to go anywhere. What do we think we gain by stomping around at speed when such beauty is all around us? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Going gently in the mist

Close up of water droplets on hydrangea flower

Yet again Welsh cloud envelops the valley. It brings a soft touch and a gentle light. IN THE MIST Go gently there’s no rush. Let the soft mist touch your face and refresh your sense of who you are. Beautiful. + Sue Heatherington We don’t have to run. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Learning to go gently

light falling on a clover flower showing the delicate purple and white petals

Go gently. Isn’t this a beautiful phrase? I first encountered it a while ago from Jane, an Australian friend then living in Wales. It resonates with a phrase I heard for the first time yesterday: “When you speak a word the sound never stops”, attributed to a Native American elder by Paula D’Arcy, and quoted … Read more

Seeing a different kind of beauty


This isn’t the time of year we would typically call beautiful. In its exposed starkness, everything has a sense of hunger and brittleness. The alpacas are grumpy, and I hear more alarm cries amongst the birds. While yesterday the geese were surprised by the ‘hardness’ of the lake when they tried to land. Often our … Read more

Poetic Whispers: The Path


Many are asking questions they haven’t asked before. Are you one of them? I am, and I suspect I am not alone. For all of us, here is a beautiful poem from Gideon Heugh in his new collection: Rumours of Light. Yes, it’s longer than usual, but let it take you by the hand and … Read more

Celebrating the practice of gentle protest


Words change culture. Yesterday I celebrated – via LinkedIn – with Sarah Corbett when The Oxford English Dictionary chose ‘craftivist’ as its word of the day. OED Word of the Day: Craftivist, n. A person who creates and displays handmade objects, esp. items incorporating knitted or sewn text or imagery, to promote a political message … Read more

Smiling as quiet disruption!

Just think how much disruption you could cause today. Just by smiling. Of course, a plastic smile or a mask we put on will only go so far. It struggles to really connect. However, there is evidence that as we intentionally exercise our smile muscles, as an act of generosity, then something does start to … Read more