Creating space for soul friends

Cyclamen flowers

St Patrick’s Day is on Sunday, so I reached for John O’Donohue’s Benedictus: A Book of Blessings. And next to For Belonging – the lovely blessing we walked with a few weeks ago – was this beautiful poem: FOR FRIENDSHIP May you be blessed with good friends,And learn to be a good friend to yourself,Journeying … Read more

Friends, on this day, less is more

scented candle, apple and orange

A few good words laced with love. THIS DAY My friends,dear friends,at this time,  on this day.Slow down. Less is more.Standing back,you’ll knowwhat matters.Choose this. + Sue Heatherington Nadolig Bendithion – Welsh Christmas Blessings Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 This week My gift to you – painting with words and light from a little valley … Read more

When you stop, what do you hear?


When you stop, what do you hear? Is it the echoes of unfinished conversations,the insistence of a reply,the sadness of the moment,or things said that were better left unsaid? What about the call of the wind,the whisper of water,the wordless sound of a place,or the rumble of the Earth? And what about the comfort of … Read more