Ripples of Hope – a midweek Pause for Peace

Ripples across the water - view from the bank

We’ve been practising a midweek Pause for Peace for eight months. So what’s the story we’re telling ourselves? What difference can it possibly make… In one sense, that’s the wrong question – we’re not doing this because we have the power to make change. Instead, we’re choosing to stand with those who desperately need peace. … Read more

On poetic sight

Expanse of blue sky with wisps of high cirrus clouds and a half moon

Can you see the moon? Sitting in the shade and looking up between the trees, I saw the moon yesterday morning. And as the high cirrus clouds wafted across the sky, the moon was hidden from view. Yet it was still there. All I had to do was wait for its emergence. I can’t control … Read more

Waiting for the silt to settle

circles of ripples into muddy water with reflections of trees overhead

The deluge of rain brings silt down from the hillsides. Pouring into the lake, it takes a while to settle. We can’t do anything to speed up the process. Instead, we have a fresh opportunity to go gently and watch the drips from the willow create interesting ripples in the churned-up water. Knowing that in … Read more

Being in the movement of water


Where we choose to position ourselves makes a difference. Are we standing upstream, noticing where water is flowing? Or are we looking upstream, feeling the relentless movement coming towards us? Being upstream and seeing what happens in the flow beyond us has a sense of calm. What happens from here does not affect us. We … Read more

I am water, where shall I flow?


I am water, where shall I flow? How often do we see a need and hope that someone else will step in? Someone else will speak up, seeing the issues as clearly as we do. Maybe instead, we could cultivate being water. Flowing to the place where we can make the most difference. Doing what … Read more

Simply a moment in time


Standing on the footbridge and watching the water move is like stepping into time. The flow changes every moment. Yet we cannot hold time in the same way we cannot capture what we see. It is simply this moment. ~ It took 38 shots to get this one… and I’m still grappling with Henri Bortoft. … Read more

And where does the water flow?


Over the summer, I worked with the idea of beautiful questions. As I developed one of my own, eventually it distilled as ‘I am water, where shall I flow?’ But what kind of question is that? Yes, it can feel rather esoteric, yet it has become a powerful metaphor for me – a kind of … Read more

Where the wind blows


In this little corner of South West Wales, after the rain comes the wind. And wind is extraordinary. You can only see it by its impact, the way it changes whatever is in its path. How the still body of water becomes a turbulent landscape. Or the way normally sedate and stately trees dance in … Read more

In the mysterious flow of time


At the beginning and end of life, time changes. And in between, it’s unpredictable. Just when we’ve got the hang of Kronos (measurable) time, something comes along and ushers in a moment of pivotal meaning – Kairos time. Perhaps instead of feeling the pressure to make the most of our time, we should simply learn … Read more