You are not lost – you are here


The sun was setting, and we were in an open-topped jeep. Horribly lost in the Paphos Forest in Cyprus with no road signs or way markers, and before smartphones were invented. I was afraid. And my panic grew with each mile along narrow, unmarked roads, hairpin bends and precipitous edges. … We clearly found our … Read more

A beautiful blessing for courage


Words from the poet John O’Donohue for times such as these. For all the explorers, for those who know they cannot stay where they are and those determined to start out again. FOR COURAGE When the light around you lessensAnd your thoughts darken untilYour body feels fear turnCold as a stone inside, When you find … Read more

Cultivating our capacity for exploration


Yesterday, in my post On exploring our unique resonance, I may have been a little too cryptic… The resonant note in the tunnel was the B below middle C. Yes, it was B, and I chuckled at the joke… To be requires yielding to a stillness deep inside. It’s the resting place before the doing … Read more

On exploring our unique resonance


During my usual amble around the valley yesterday morning, I was unexpectedly drawn to walk through the short old tunnel in the hillside. Framed by the arch, the light falling on the puddles inside reflected clear blue sky and autumn trees, with their remaining golden-green leaves glinting in the sunlight. Standing there, I simply had … Read more

Sorry, there are no maps today


I love maps. They are an endless source of delight, enabling me to enter landscapes I have never seen. And shaping my sense of proximity and proportion, habitation and connexion. Yet, they can only ever be a record of a moment in time. And that time is past. Sorry, there are no maps of your … Read more