What do we expect to see?

Single bright green acorn on leaf mould

Wandering without an agenda, even for a few minutes, lets us notice what we might otherwise miss. A SINGLE ACORN One, just one when last year, there were multitudes, so many I couldn’t walk without crushing some. One, just one, not a deficit, but more rebalancing the scales of the years. Weighing out time. One, … Read more

It’s not about straight lines

bright green reed bed in the middle of a lake in shadow

Walking along the hillside in warm sunshine and a balmy breeze, I reflected on the delightful unpredictability of weather in the valley. This was miles from the dismal chill of last week when I thought the layers were here to stay. In reality, straight lines are an illusion. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Tilting of the colour wheel

view down the green path through a tunnel of trees

A little shift, darkening of the green with a tiny dab of yellow, becomes a movement across the hillside. Not overnight, lest we think everything has changed. But tilting in that direction. The one that says it’s time to bring out the layers and recalibrate our expectations. Where else are we noticing tilting but don’t … Read more