On the uncertainty of freedom

alpacas wandering through an open gate and grazing

We don’t always know what to do when we step into a new space. Is this freedom or a test? What am I expected to do? Sometimes we have to learn to inhabit our new freedoms. And it doesn’t always come naturally. Like the boys, when we let them into the wooded area beyond their … Read more

Being open to new stories


The stories that frame our expectations of ourselves are probably laid down in childhood. And then set in concrete by our experience of life. But are they real? What if they are other people’s projections that meet their need for status or control? Turning them off can be so liberating. Do what you can with … Read more

In-betweenness and being in the mist


The chilled mist rolling into the valley, obliterating the contours, and then rolling out again was an interesting experience. And I wonder whether these in-between times we’ve been exploring have other parallels. Because when we find ourselves in these gaps, we often lose sight of the contours of the landscape. So perhaps it’s at these … Read more

For everything, there is a time


Sometimes we sitwith our hands open –resting into the chair,knowing there’s nothing morewe can do,but be at peace,and see what fallsinto our laps. This isn’t resignation,or fatalism.It’s the placewe come to whenour job is tobe at rest.Not trying to makethings happen, butcome with appreciativeexpectation for thepossibilities awaiting. For all that has been –thanks;and for all … Read more

Being wide open for adventure


Am I ready for adventure? What an odd question for an unremarkable day in October. Yet maybe not. If we are not open to seeing possibilities, perhaps we won’t notice the doors opening before us. John O’Donohue’s blessing For a New Beginning ends with the encouragement to be awake for adventure. And that doesn’t always … Read more

The invitation of morning light


What are our expectations of this morning and this day? Is it just another re-run of yesterday and last week? Or are there new things to notice, however small, and experiences that grow who we are? Because each day is a fresh start, we will never have it again. And it begins by choosing to … Read more

On choosing to wait well


A friend shared a little of her story in our Advent Hope gathering last Sunday morning. What stood out for me was her phrase: choosing to wait well, even amid seemingly insurmountable issues. This is present continuous. It doesn’t happen immediately. Over time, and one choice at a time, we learn to wait well – with … Read more