Delighting in the essence of essence

Close up of a small orange flower against a grey wall

Essence is such a beautiful word. Just listen to its tone and revel in its colour And its multiple dimensions of meaning create a glorious kaleidoscope: + Ecosia, in partnership with Oxford Languages I’ve been thinking about essence in terms of who we are and the beautiful change we want to create. What brings you … Read more

Getting to the heart of it

spiders webs catching the light in a woodland clearing

There are some things you can only see in a certain light. Like the spider’s webs draped on dewy grass in the early morning. Later in the day, when the sun has been at work, you won’t notice them. Unless you feel the web catching your bare ankles. So with soul. It’s there all the … Read more

Do tell me, what do you see?


When you look at a friend: what do you see? Do you notice their stature or how they have their hair? Is it their clothes that draw your attention? Or is it something else? Something that expresses their essence, their wholeness, with the tone of the present showing up in the way they hold themselves … Read more

Beauty at the heart of it all


This is where I start. No matter how much we’ve messed up – us, each other and the world around us – underneath it all is beauty. And it does matter what we hold as our basic tenet for life. Because it fundamentally shapes the direction we face, and that colours everything. This week two … Read more