On the amazing unfolding of becoming

Alpacas gathered at the lakeside, some in the water, with the swans and geese at a distance

Being happens in the moment. Becoming is what happens when you add the flow of moments together. Tiny shifts formed by the interactions with everything around us and our reactions inside. Over time. I could describe all the things that led to this moment. Yet what is interesting is what happens next… Pause. See differently. … Read more

On poetic sight

Expanse of blue sky with wisps of high cirrus clouds and a half moon

Can you see the moon? Sitting in the shade and looking up between the trees, I saw the moon yesterday morning. And as the high cirrus clouds wafted across the sky, the moon was hidden from view. Yet it was still there. All I had to do was wait for its emergence. I can’t control … Read more

In a certain light

bright green new growth on contours of exposed lake floor

There’s a particular light that brings new growth alive after the rain. It’s not the yellow brightness of the sun. Neither is it the heavy grey of rain clouds. Instead, it draws out the contours of emergence. And the evidence of seeds that have lain dormant below the waterline. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Language for a new emergence


Our challenge isn’t to accurately describe what we can see. Instead, it’s the opportunity to capture what we can’t see – yet. And the usual way we use words is woefully inadequate. We need a new language for this emerging now. One which doesn’t try to put us in control, but alongside.

On the gentle emergence of beauty


Beauty is not in a hurry. It doesn’t shout before it is ready, until it is formed in the secret place. Then it emerges, responding to light and love, and sings its transcendent song. ‘What is real is almost always, to begin with, hidden, and does not want to be understood by the part of … Read more

Which way is the wind blowing?


My friend Diane Wyzga offered an astute comment on yesterday’s post Unfurling, being open to catch the wind. “Even if we are not quite sure what the work is, being open helps us catch the wind to see one way or another.” She is right. For many of us are still a work in progress. … Read more

Unfurling into the grace of beginning


Yes. That’s all it takes. Not if’s and but’s and maybe’s. Simply yes. Though your destination is not yet clearYou can trust the promise of this opening;Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginningThat is at one with your life’s desire. The fifth verse from John O’Donohue’s blessing: For a New Beginning. ~ Cheering on those … Read more

A different kind of exploration


As we emerge and find our feet in this new landscape, we need to embrace a different kind of exploration. The old questions that frame our sight with hard edges and cause and effect are no longer helpful. Instead, we must use all our senses and feel our way forward. Being open to metaphors and … Read more