Catching the light


At this time of year, it matters where you stand. Choose well. At this time of day, it matters what direction you face. Choose with care. At this moment in time, there are paths before you. Choose with intention.

A nudge in a better direction


Control is so overrated. As if we can control anything! So all these promises of change are rather short-sighted. Instead, we can engage in shifting the conversation for good. Nudging the direction by being present and seeding beautiful words. After all, we are relational beings in an organic world. Let’s grow better.

Which way is the wind blowing?


My friend Diane Wyzga offered an astute comment on yesterday’s post Unfurling, being open to catch the wind. “Even if we are not quite sure what the work is, being open helps us catch the wind to see one way or another.” She is right. For many of us are still a work in progress. … Read more