Fruitfulness in the dark places


One of the joys of walking the same land for years is noticing change. Like the boy’s field on the other side of the valley. An undisturbed pasture with only natural fertiliser, it is developing its own song. Last week I noticed at least six different fungi, some with stunning colours and others with fantastic … Read more

Seeing beneath the surface


We tend to get caught up in the flow when the pace is swift. Yet we can train our eyes to look deeper, to see what’s beneath the surface. Because often, that’s where the treasure lies.

Listening again to the still small voice


When we are still, what do we hear? Like listening for the sea in a seashell, are there sounds that remind us of elsewhere? Or another time? Recently, I’ve watched several videos of conversations early in the pandemic. Encountering this new world, perspectives on life and relationships were shifting. People were listening at a deeper … Read more