In the darkness, this is holy ground

Close up of a deep red rose

For Good Friday… HOLY GROUND Cradling light and dark, joy and pain, life and death. This is holy ground. Where what is broken, can be restored, and grief is held with a gentle hand. This is holy ground. Where tomorrow’s hope is more real than today, even if we can’t see it, yet. This is … Read more

Walking in step with valley time

Early winters evening across the lake to the stables

Time is different here in this place. And I suspect it is where you are, too. Yet we tend to assume time is ours to use – like a resource – when we don’t own the clock. VALLEY TIME Dark comes earlyand with it, rain.Remindersthat valley timeis different. We do not seewith eyes alone,nor navigatewith … Read more

Here in the darkness – here is hope

Ripples in the dark water at dusk in Winter

Standing quietly at the end of the lake, watching the water move in the closing darkness, is not the place for bright inspiration. Instead, it draws me into a deeper appreciation of being alive. Here and now, in this place. HOPE IN WINTER At this time of yearin this darkening lightwhere is hope found? In … Read more

Finding beauty in the darkness

Large green leaves highlighted in the darkness

Wandering up the green path yesterday evening wasn’t scary.  I know the track well. It is familiar ground. Yet the darkness revealed the unfamiliar and reminded me that we can embrace those places we sometimes find ourselves in without fear. BEAUTY IN THE DARKNESS Seeing in the dark is a rare gift.  What we find … Read more

At the end of the day


It’s the end of the day, and darkness is closing in. I’m usually back indoors by this time. Yet last night, I was still high up on the hillside, trying to see where the sheep had come in. An old rusty gate had finally been released from the twine that held it in place for … Read more

Walking in the now but not yet


Do we get so caught up in the destination that we forget to be here? Yet this is the only place we can ever be. One foot in front of the other, even in the darkness. And waiting. Not the stuck kind, but the expectant, hopeful sort. The kind that trusts that we can see … Read more

Waymarks in the dark


Waymarks aren’t always what we think we’re looking for. And certainly not when we’re in the dark. We’re searching for neon lights, a big sign that says ‘here’. When perhaps it’s a whisper in the shadows, a leaf turned upside down or a star in the sky. ~ My current fascination with darkness is arising … Read more

What do we see with our eyes closed?


Seeing in the dark takes imagination. So what do you see with your eyes closed? And where does your imagination take you? Perhaps we’re so used to switching on the light that our ability to see differently has diminished. Or we fear what we might see and don’t go there. Yet this is often the … Read more

Being in the darkness


Even when we are in the dark, it’s not entirely black. For that, we would need to go way underground, as Robert Macfarlane’s book, Underland, explores. But it can feel disorientating when we have no markers to make sense of where we are. In these situations, we often look for the light. Any light. Yet … Read more

We are not alone


We are always surrounded. Even when we cannot see who is there. And even in the dark places. We are seen.