Still enough to join the dance

Crane fly landing on my skirt in dappled light

I was delighting in the graceful dance on the lake below while listening to the chorus in the trees when a crane fly decided to join me. And stayed a while. THE CREATIVE DANCE Every creative actis relational.Nothing is evercreated alone.Words and imagesweave origins fromwhat came before,what lives nowand what is to come.Let’s join the … Read more

Delighting in the dance of nature

Close up of tiny ice pillars lifting up the leaf layer

The sound of scrunching underfoot released a grin of delight. I love these bright, cold days when sub-zero ground temperatures create a heavy frost. Then, paying more attention, I realised how much the carpet of frozen leaves moved as I walked along the track. This was some frost heave! Returning later, as the sun finally … Read more

Every creative act is relational

Reflections in the water

In our individualistic world, there’s a healthy humility in recognising that we never truly create on our own. THE CREATIVE DANCE Every creative act is relational. Nothing is ever created alone. Words and images weave origins from what came before, what lives now and what is to come. Let’s join the dance. + Sue Heatherington … Read more

Being rooted while in transition…

Swan on the lake with autumn background

The solitary white swan left on Wednesday. And we miss her beautiful presence. I sensed she felt safe here and stayed for as long as she needed, probably for some form of grieving. But then it was time to go… Being rooted while in transition – this seems like a contradiction. How can we be … Read more

Becoming – an invitation to the dance

White fungi in a field

Being and doing are the two main steps in the exquisite dance of becoming. Admittedly, it feels clumsy and awkward at first. And by nature, we are likely to prefer one over the other. However, only ‘being’ leads to stagnation. And over-indexing on ‘doing’ ends in shallow burnout. Instead, let’s enter into the joyful rhythm … Read more

Joining in the dance of place

shadow of flower caught as a reflection on the water resting on the waterlily pad

Being earthed in place also requires us to embrace paradox. While we might see an aspect of this place more clearly from the edge, we cannot feel its heartbeat from there. Likewise, we cannot know what it is like to be in someone else’s shoes and practice empathy if we are only ever off at … Read more

Where the wind blows


In this little corner of South West Wales, after the rain comes the wind. And wind is extraordinary. You can only see it by its impact, the way it changes whatever is in its path. How the still body of water becomes a turbulent landscape. Or the way normally sedate and stately trees dance in … Read more

A beautiful paradox of solitude


Solitude. It’s the place we sometimes shy away from to avoid being faced with our feelings of emptiness, brokenness, or shame. Yet it’s also the only place we can truly discover who we are. To encounter our core in its unfettered beauty. Perhaps it’s in this paradox of running toward while running away from solitude … Read more

Finding our joy again


I’ve been waiting a few weeks until it felt autumn enough to share Gideon Heugh’s playful poem from Devastating Beauty. And from here in the valley, I think the time is now: LINES FOR AUTUMN Leaves make their golden turnunhurried,then in cooler airwaltz to the damp groundand in sweet-scented crowdmake happinessfor wellington boots. Maybe not … Read more