Being curious about the particular

Purple vetch flowers with ants climbing up the stalk

Noticing the little things. Underneath it all, we don’t want to be told that we are like everyone else. And just because we have similar tastes or do similar things doesn’t make us the same. Our differences are to be celebrated, not as a signifier of value but of uniqueness—the distinctive contribution we make to … Read more

It’s usually beneath the surface…

Clouds reflected in the rippling surface water

Asking questions isn’t a luxury. Yet we think it is. We act like it’s something we haven’t planned for. It sits outside of the spec… Yet, if we are curious about the real nature of things, we must be open to further probing. Asking questions even if they feel naïve. If we don’t, and we … Read more

It takes imagination to ask questions


Who asks questions? Most often, it’s the little ones. And the big little ones who haven’t bowed to the pressure to grow up and conform. Yet if we don’t ask questions, we don’t believe that we or the world could be different. And that takes imagination. ~ This week’s On Being Podcast with adrienne maree … Read more

Sharing what we find


Do you remember when, as a kid, you found something AMAZING…? What did you do next? Most of us would have kept it safe until we could share it – at the very earliest opportunity. I wonder, when did you last discover something that you couldn’t keep to yourself? And if it was ‘too long … Read more

What do you call this?


I wonder, what would you call this flower? Cuckooflower Milkmaids Lady’s smock Cuckoo bittercress Whitsuntide gilliflower Mayflower Cardamine pratensis Or do you have another name? And as you read these words, where do they take you? For me, the familiar name is Milkmaids, and it takes me back to field margins on my home farm … Read more

Asking anyway…


The only way to get better at asking questions is to ask anyway. Each time we hear the curiosity that underpins our question, the narrative becomes clearer. We only see what drives our curiosity when we expose it to air. And then it has a chance to grow. Because flourishing is not in a box, … Read more

Quiet disruptors – listen for the new voices


When we stop to listen, we find new voices are emerging—those with the courage to speak about things that matter, without shouting. Voices that are curious about how and why things are, who ask questions that lay bare the status quo. Insights that arise from a breadth of perspective and enable us to see differently. … Read more

The gift of curiosity


We were all born with the gift of curiosity and its closely related cousin, wonder. It was how we navigated our way in this strange new world we had been born into – and it served us well. However, over time this gift didn’t suit our environment – home, school, and work – where conformity … Read more

The gift of wonder


Do you ever feel a pang of disappointment when someone says ‘Oh, I know all about that’, and closes the conversation down? It might be because you feel belittled as if your contribution doesn’t count. Or equally, it could be because you feel a tinge of sadness in the presence of a closed mind — … Read more