Our creative relationship with time

Frost covered wild angelica stems

Paradoxically, we need to pause and consider our relationship with time. Or else our avoidance will drive us to those places that inhibit our creative response. Because time is not linear. Even though the clock disagrees, it is merely an ornament of time, not time itself. And it is by choice that we let the … Read more

Every creative act is relational

Reflections in the water

In our individualistic world, there’s a healthy humility in recognising that we never truly create on our own. THE CREATIVE DANCE Every creative act is relational. Nothing is ever created alone. Words and images weave origins from what came before, what lives now and what is to come. Let’s join the dance. + Sue Heatherington … Read more

Courage to look beneath the surface

Close-up of common corn flag buds against a dark background

In developing our creative muscles to make fresh paths, we need to face the things that would hinder us. And this will be different for each of us. Whether it’s the voices in our head that repeat words spoken over us long ago. Or the fear of being different from those around us. Or anything … Read more

Where is your unique creative expression?

Close up of a white hydrangea flower

We all have an innate capacity for creativity. And when we were small children, this was expressed in so many different ways. From how to get ‘them’ – parents and caregivers – to meet our needs, to the gloriously rich and imaginative games we played before someone told us the rules. Yet, many of us … Read more

Creatively dancing with our questions


Yesterday I gave myself to sit with my question. It didn’t last long because physical sitting was too static. So I walked. Down the lane to retrieve our emptied recycling sack after the village collection time. Then up the valley to wander in the woods and by the brook. Movement certainly helped – Solvitur ambulando … Read more

Quiet disruptors – listen for the new voices


When we stop to listen, we find new voices are emerging—those with the courage to speak about things that matter, without shouting. Voices that are curious about how and why things are, who ask questions that lay bare the status quo. Insights that arise from a breadth of perspective and enable us to see differently. … Read more

Our work is never singular


A number of us do most of our work solo. And even if you’re in a team, much of what you do originates inside your mind. It feels like what we create is the product of our own thoughts and perceptions. The skills we have developed and how we have chosen to put them together, … Read more

How we approach thresholds is in our gift


You may have noticed that I’m fascinated by thresholds. The space between the now and not yet, or the gap filled with anticipation, where anything could happen. Because this is the unknown, we have not been here before. In fact, our days are filled with thresholds. We just don’t notice them. But sometimes we know … Read more

Increasing the flow of life and creativity


Yesterday, I wandered up the valley to check the water-gate after more rain had fallen. This is Wales after all. The breadth of the brook and the remnants of the original reservoir means that multiple small channels need to be kept open. And periodic clearing of debris is required. Dislodging stones, silt and vegetation, and … Read more

Rain glorious rain!

rain glorious rain

Today I am so grateful for the rain falling in our little valley in South West Wales. The ground needs it. And the lake is starting to refill. There’s water for the goslings to learn to be geese. Safely away from the thieving intentions of crows. The lower branches of conifers in the woodlands are … Read more