On the makings of a creative path

Reflections in the lake of a clear blue sky and the trees on the banks

Our way forward is not found by retracing our old paths. As so many wise people have observed before us, we cannot solve our current issues with the thinking that brought us here. So, I want to pause and spend time with Rick Rubin’s words to start the week. The ability to look deeplyis the … Read more

Creative reverie with the old rose


Years ago, we carefully uprooted several shrubs to create more grazing for the alpacas. Unfortunately, we couldn’t decide where to replant them, so they stayed in their temporary home. And became overgrown. Humbled. Each year I am awed by the resilience of the rose and blessed by their wild beauty. THE OLD ROSE Where does … Read more

Choosing your time well


There is mechanical time, valley time and your time. And especially in the transition zones, knowing which we are using is wise. Yesterday morning, by the time I’d walked from the valley floor to the sunlit path on the hillside, the dandelion ‘clocks’ were their usual fluffy selves. CHOOSING TIME If you want to see … Read more

A Blessing for the Creative Soul


Today as we more intentionally shift towards The Art of Quiet Disruption, it seems appropriate to revisit a poem I wrote in 2020. At the end of the first Creative’s Workshop, run by Seth Godin and Akimbo, I wanted to capture the sense of the threshold we were crossing. This is the result, and it’s … Read more

Creative wisdom…

Celebrates the place of unknowing as good space for cultivating gentle curiosity… Delights in constraints, not as that which defines, but that which liberates… Believes in hopeful relationships – that people together have more eyes to see and ears to hear than when apart… Rejects the need to be right and replaces it with the … Read more