Compassion and courage to see differently

Close-up of raindrops on a water lilly pad in shadow

One word can make such a difference. ‘Sawubona’ – I see you – encapsulates a profound sense of being seen and heard. Yet you can’t do this without compassion and empathy. Because it means being present, not just glancing in passing, seeing beneath the surface and recognising both sameness and otherness. And this takes time … Read more

When you are ready…

goslings flapping their wings on the water

Yesterday the older goslings started to learn to fly. WHEN YOU ARE READY … or a bit before, start your flying practice,   or whatever practice you are developing. Stretch your wings,   open your mouth,   hear yourself speak, dip your toe. Do whatever you need to do to start moving   because now … Read more



Musing on these beautiful ferns lining the green paths… UNFURLING What do you hold within yourself that you are ready to reveal? Summoning courage to shed the fear of unreadiness, impatient to unfurl all you could be into the spring light of new beginnings. This isn’t the certainty of success, it’s the joy of being. … Read more

On seeing new life


I am awed by the privilege of seeing new life emerge. Whether it’s the tiny shoots of green, the eruption of tadpoles or the emergence of someone stepping bravely into all they can become. It’s astonishingly beautiful. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Being in the movement of water


Where we choose to position ourselves makes a difference. Are we standing upstream, noticing where water is flowing? Or are we looking upstream, feeling the relentless movement coming towards us? Being upstream and seeing what happens in the flow beyond us has a sense of calm. What happens from here does not affect us. We … Read more

Tomorrow is a new day


Indeed, tomorrow is a new year. Yet, in reaching for my usual John O’Donohue’s blessings – For a New Beginning and For a New Year – I sensed that 2023 might require something different of us. I don’t know what it is, though I suspect we might need more courage and hope than we have … Read more

On the emotional cost of letting go


Sometimes finding our courage to live the rhythm of life is sad and painful. This isn’t only about letting go of the things holding us back but also laying down our attachment to things that have been lovely and good. Not holding on too tightly, yet honouring what is precious. Because the rhythm of life … Read more

Courage to live the rhythm of life


We live in a culture that promises to make everything safe and OK. Nothing extreme, nothing too demanding or exposing – as long as we follow the unwritten rules. Let’s take the essence of the experience and bottle it for consumption rather than experience the highs and the lows. But that’s not life. And it’s … Read more

Being open to seeing what is already there


How often do we see what we expect rather than what is there? It’s not that we are intentionally deceiving ourselves. We’re just in a hurry, and our brain is filling in the gaps. So re-reading Steven Pressfield’s brilliant book The War of Art yesterday was one of those ah-ha moments for me. Are the … Read more