On seeing from the other way


Yesterday I did the alpaca rounds in reverse, and in the afternoon rather than the morning. Cast in another light and from the opposite direction, the green paths appeared so different And I wondered what else might change if we came to it from the other way around. For example, our stories of challenge, hardship … Read more


Start where you are… “… Beginning anything well involves a clearing away of the confusing, the cluttered and the complicated to find the beautiful, often hidden lineaments of the essential and the necessary. Beginning is difficult, and our insulating rituals and the virtuoso subtleties of our methods of delay are always a fine, ever-present measure … Read more

With courage

Do one thing every day that scares you. Mary Schmich * Starting today. Not tomorrow. Because we’re cheering you on…   * Often misattributed to Eleanor Roosevelt  

Trust the process

I wasn’t expecting a cloud-filled valley when I drew back the curtains this morning. The usual sights were not visible. And if I had arrived here in the darkness, I wouldn’t know what I was looking at… But I do. And that’s the thing. Sometimes we have to trust what we know, even if we … Read more

So what do you call yourself?

The question I posed yesterday wasn’t flippant. Honestly. It’s one of the most profound questions we can ask ourselves. But very rarely do. The answer shapes our life and our work. Our view of who we are and what we expect of ourselves. The sense of our role, or the contribution we make to the … Read more

Come alive!

Today is the first Friday of August in the year 2019. This day will never come again. So what are you going to do today that tomorrow will be too late for? As a somewhat louder-than-usual nudge (for me) here is the opening of James Victore’s book, Feck Perfuction: We are all born wildly creative. … Read more

We delight in you…

Just now you’re probably reading this on your own… But do you know that we delight in you? For starters, I delight in you. The fact that you’re reading this brings me great joy. And there are others. Many others. You probably don’t even realise how many lives you touch. In fact, you probably don’t … Read more

We are enough…

Enough is a strange word. We don’t hear it much in our current culture. Not more, not less, but enough. Enough means sufficient, adequate for the need, what is necessary. I could have said ‘you are enough’… Not perfect, not all you want to be, but enough. For today. But actually, I want to say … Read more

Standing in reality

…is neither glossing over things and putting on a pretty face… nor wallowing in self-pity in the hope that someone else will come to the rescue. It’s standing in the honour of the now and as is. Knowing that today is today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Believing that in our frailty and mess-ups, our uncertainty, … Read more