Our life in multiple layers


Our minds appreciate simplicity. Is it this, or is it that? Yet life is rarely that straightforward. Indeed the richness of life is often in the paradoxes we experience. It’s this and that. And more. Yet sometimes, we can only see this when we are right up close at the point of tension. Because only … Read more

On living an entangled life


We may have an urge to tidy up. To sort things out or make them clearer. And sometimes, that is precisely what is required. Especially when we are threatened by overwhelm. Yet more often, we need the humility and courage to recognise that real life is gloriously complex. And that we need to live it … Read more

Being curious about knowing


Most of the time, we assume we are linear. And that we are moving from one step to the next in a way that could be defended. Yet the reality is far more magnificent. For a start, we don’t only know with our minds. In fact, our mind is often in catch-up mode, giving us … Read more