You are more than one story

View up the old green path between the trees

The path of our lives isnā€™t narrow. We canā€™t fall off the edge or never find our way back if we take an interesting side track. This path is created through the many stories of our lives. Woven together with threads, some of which predate our birth. Cherish them. Hold them up to the light … Read more

Softly walking on the edge

Open pink camellia flower with raindrops

After a day of soft Welsh rain and nourishing conversations, I come to rest. WALKING TOGETHER Softly walking on the edge, Ā avoiding straight lines of fragile certainty, here is where we grow. Ā Breathing the air of possibility, Ā  absorbing gentle rain of encouragement, being seen and heard. Cherishing travelling companions as gifts for the journey. … Read more

Seen on another golden pond…

Golden reflections and ripples on lake around the swan

Yesterday morning offered a beautiful gift in the early sunlight. ON ANOTHER GOLDEN POND Ripples ā€“overlappingcircles of life.  Drawing togetherand fading awayas each seeks for foodin the lakeā€™s storehouse.Comfortable in eachotherā€™s company.Not scurrying away,  nor fear in waterycompanionship.One swan,two little grebes,a family of moorhens,the bevvy of ducks.And then me.Smiling. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. … Read more

Being accompanied in this moment

Seeing the lake and the hill beyond through the trees

There are particular places where we regain our sense of perspective. One of mine is a mossy perch above the lake. IN THIS MOMENT We are fleeting,but we are not alone. All creation joins uson this journey of life,made up of little nowsthat string togetheracross time and place. Here, in this moment,  we are in … Read more

Who are our travelling companions now?

a group of alpacas walking ahead along a path

We cannot create sustainable change on our own. Even if we have supreme ambition and the most energy in the world. We simply cannot do it alone. Thatā€™s not how lasting change happens. Real change, transformational change, is organic. It is passed from person to person. Often through a variety of means because we are … Read more

On making friends with our questions

Who are you becoming? And what questions are accompanying you? As you look back, what little provocations or deeper probings seem to surface with regularity? Those that wonā€™t let you go and miss who you are to become. I suspect we know them by name or at least recognise their shadow. So why not embrace … Read more

Finding sentinels in the mist


Sound travels differently in the cloud. Dampened echoes of the valley in the fluster of ducks disturbed by my presence. Yet some things remain. We need those who will stand with us. Who will speak the truth in love and help us frame what we see. Even when all is not clear. Where are your … Read more