Voices of story and truth


Words shape the way we see the world. However, language is more than the words we use. There are the external inflexions – our tone, phrasing and vocabulary – and these are held in the flow of our movements and posture. Yet our knowing what is being communicated is even more than these. We subtly … Read more

We don’t need to have all the words


It’s a delusion to think that we need to have all the words. As if an expertly articulated idea alone can win hearts and minds. Or it’s a sign of our value or worth. Instead, I wonder if it’s even better when we struggle to find the words to express what we see or feel. … Read more

What am I not hearing?

What am I not hearing? Me…? You…? Our world…? OK. I might be hearing some things, but what kind of filters do I have in place? Aversion to discomfort or risk? Shutting out noise, but losing nuance? Only hearing what people think I want to hear – for whatever reason? Yes, we’d be completely overwhelmed … Read more