Have you noticed the question?

Alpacas coming down the hillside for feeding

It’s easy to assume we’re asking the same question because we’re using similar words and facing similar issues. Yet, if we listen more closely, we may notice the difference. Nuances that indicate we may not be asking the same thing. Take the simple ‘How do we get from A to B?’ I can think of … Read more

What about a few good words

a row of alpacas across the water, with a single alpaca on this side of the bank

What would you want to say if you had a few good words? And who to? What might be the effect? And what would you want to hear? Musings on the power of words and the intent behind them… Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Voices of story and truth


Words shape the way we see the world. However, language is more than the words we use. There are the external inflexions – our tone, phrasing and vocabulary – and these are held in the flow of our movements and posture. Yet our knowing what is being communicated is even more than these. We subtly … Read more

We don’t need to have all the words


It’s a delusion to think that we need to have all the words. As if an expertly articulated idea alone can win hearts and minds. Or it’s a sign of our value or worth. Instead, I wonder if it’s even better when we struggle to find the words to express what we see or feel. … Read more

What am I not hearing?

What am I not hearing? Me…? You…? Our world…? OK. I might be hearing some things, but what kind of filters do I have in place? Aversion to discomfort or risk? Shutting out noise, but losing nuance? Only hearing what people think I want to hear – for whatever reason? Yes, we’d be completely overwhelmed … Read more