Pondering on the colour of hope

Tiny camellia bud just starting to open

I love these days of transition from the stark greys of winter toward the emerging promise of spring. And seeing tiny glimpses of colour appearing in the valley, I wonder about the colour of hope. SPRING HOPE Colour is seepingthrough layers of winter,revealing hope in shades of rainbow,infusing greys withpromises of life. + Sue Heatherington … Read more

Noticing the little shifts in colour

Lichen on wooden rail - older grey and newer green

It was the slight shift in tone that caught my eye. Lichens on the wooden handrails of the footbridge are not new. Their graceful presence is here year-round. But the transition toward green from grey whispers that new life is on its way. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

On being surprised by joy

Close up of a beautiful coral pink flower - London Pride

The thing we don’t expect in times of significant shift or transition is joy. Or colour when we think that everything is dying back. Or a sense of overwhelming relief when we finally let go of something that has shaped us in the past. Yet, along with the realisation that we are not alone – … Read more

Delighting in the abundance of nature


The riotous abundance of buttercups on the old paths underneath the old trees expands each year. Re-wilding gives nature a chance to breathe. NATURE’S OFFERING Beautiful spacecreates beautifulspace createslife createscolour createshope. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

And here comes the colour


I am blown away by the vibrancy of the greens in the valley this spring. More than I remember in previous years, there’s brightness and nuance as I wander the green paths. Yet, it also takes light to bring the colours alive. And maybe that’s why the greens are more green, and the yellows are … Read more

Lines for autumn


I’ve been waiting to share these delightful few lines from Gideon Heugh for a while. And now is the time. Enjoy the smile. LINES FOR AUTUMN Leaves make their golden turnunhurried,then in cooler airwaltz to the damp groundand in sweet-scented crowdmake happinessfor wellington boots. + Gideon Heugh, from Devastating Beauty, 2018

The colours are different this year


Have you noticed the colours are different this year? Autumn here in the valley has arrived. Seeping across the landscape rather than splashing about like a toddler with a paintbrush. And the greens. Vibrant, verdant greens announce there’s still life here. When usually, the greens are tired and dried, looking forward to the rest of … Read more

On the riotous celebration of autumn


No season is as lush as autumn. What colours and what abundance! We couldn’t even dream it up if we tried. And when the sun shines, there is a riot of richness at every turn. We feast on the sights and smells, knowing that this harvest will replenish our souls for the months ahead.

Looking for light


Wandering up the valley in early evening, I was looking for light. It wasn’t that dark, but I was curious to see what changed as the sun’s angle dropped. Tones shifted, contrasts became clearer and normally obscure vegetation had the limelight for brief moments. And as I looked around, I realised that the whole colour-scape … Read more