The habitation of multitudes


When we look at ourselves, each other and the beings around us, we usually see in the singular. A person. A friend. A tree. Perhaps our individualist lens obscures the insight that we are all multitudes. This old oak houses many more-than-human communities. So the fact that it no longer has leaves doesn’t mean it … Read more

Ingredients for the future of collective hope


HARD WORK + HOPE + RADICAL GRACE Ai-jen Poo and Tarana Burke This is the recipe for a collective becoming that is powerfully emerging. Yes, it’s tough. And yes, it can’t be done alone. But it is possible, even today. ~ Listen to the intimate and honest conversation between visionary friends Ai-jen Poo and Tarana … Read more

And yet, who might we become?


Collective becoming only happens when there’s a collective connection. And there’s a myriad of obstacles that could stop us. Our own sense of self and boundaries. What we have hidden inside and are uncomfortable about bringing into the light. Who we think ‘the other’ to be. Yet, there’s a collective sigh in all of this—a … Read more