Friends, on this day, less is more

scented candle, apple and orange

A few good words laced with love. THIS DAY My friends,dear friends,at this time,  on this day.Slow down. Less is more.Standing back,you’ll knowwhat matters.Choose this. + Sue Heatherington Nadolig Bendithion – Welsh Christmas Blessings Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 This week My gift to you – painting with words and light from a little valley … Read more

Choosing something beautiful

Fading pink hydrangea, including skeleton petals

Yesterday, while pondering the choices we make, this extraordinary contemplative poem dropped into my inbox from Steve Garnaas-Holmes. FATE Sometimes it seems life knows what it’s doingand then suddenly forgets, or maybe gets distracted.You’re just going along, we say, and then suddenlyeverything changes in an eyeblink. A kid is born. Tires screeching on pavement, a … Read more

May I borrow your beautiful eyes?

Trunk of an old oak tree covered in ivy

Whenever we read something, listen to another’s perspective or even look at a piece of art, we are faced with a choice. Either the opportunity to see something we haven’t seen before. Or to limit what we hear and see to what confirms what we already believe. That way, we can divide the world into … Read more

Where does hope come from?

Water flowing over a waterstep

You can’t buy hope in a supermarket Nor from the vendor on the street corner. It doesn’t come in packets for mixing with water three times a day. And I’m not sure you can talk yourself into hope, like a mantra from a self-improvement book. So, where does hope come from? ~ Hope is a … Read more

When you stop to take notice

bright red dock leaf

When something catches our attention, and we pause to look, we don’t always see what we expect. And that leaves us with a choice. Each of these moments is an invitation to further inquiry; looking deeper, zooming out, or in. Opening possibilities for a new way of being. + Rick Rubin, from The Creative Act: … Read more

On choosing the simpler way

close up of green ash tree leaves in shadow

Reflecting on the lessons of the week… THE SIMPLER WAY It’s not easy, to choose the simpler way. Saying no, when yes is a softer option. Embracing guardrails of focus and valuing less over more. Trusting in possibilities rather than certainty, and rhythm and resonance instead of control.  Yielding to seasons and spaciousness,  openheartedness, generosity … Read more

Standing quietly in truth


CHOOSING TO STAND Where am I standing What am I standing on Who am I standing with Here Where is the love I am standing on What is the truth I am standing with Who are the people I am part of Today On the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. ~ Inspired by … Read more

How does hope move us?


I want to ask this question because I don’t want to be stuck. Stuck in waiting for optimism to strike, which it won’t (even if it did, it would probably be short-lived). Or simply waiting for someone else to take the initiative. And righting the wrong they or others have created (which is probably abdication … Read more

On choosing to be present


Pausing with a beautiful mid-week gem from Gideon Heugh: THE EVER–NOW Why is it always awake and away?Why not make only here?Why not stayand bless the ever-nowby our ever lingering in it(which is impossible, which isthe utter necessitythe singular aliveso often and increasingly avoided)?And after all this why,where is it anywaythat you think you are … Read more