Breathing in at the edge

Boundary fence and hawthorn tree with sky and further hills beyond

I had to… Walking straight up the hillside after feeding the boys, I was out of breath when I reached the top. Yet this first clear day of the New Year called for exertion. I needed to fill my lungs with fresh air and have a clear, panoramic view from the top of the valley … Read more

Being beacons of hope

Close up of deep pink hydrangea flower

Breathe in beauty. I am conscious of so much ugliness in the world and don’t want to drown in its waves. I want to rise above it, not as a moral indictment but as a beacon of hope. Breathe in beauty. Stand in the natural world’s presence, even if it’s a tree in the park … Read more

To pause is a gift of possibility

Unusual feather suspended on a blade of grass

A pause can be so tiny that we hardly even notice it, yet that momentary break in the flow registers in our subconscious. A breath. A hesitation. An intentional moment that creates an opening for something different to emerge. A pause shapes the experience of what came before and what follows, deepening our appreciation of … Read more

Delighting in the abundance of nature


The riotous abundance of buttercups on the old paths underneath the old trees expands each year. Re-wilding gives nature a chance to breathe. NATURE’S OFFERING Beautiful spacecreates beautifulspace createslife createscolour createshope. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

There is time to breathe


During Spring here in the valley, new life emerges in waves. On days with warm sun, we might see growth spurts. But this isn’t driven by the starter’s gun. Because becoming isn’t a race. It’s a gracious and graceful response to the conditions around us. A generative conversation, and sometimes, we need to pause.

Just pause


What’s the rush? Is there a winnerin the fastest through life race? Or what is gainedby always thinking on the run? Living on assumptionsmay not be a healthy diet. And narrow focusis only helpful in a tunnel. Instead, what flowers of gracemight blossom if we pause, breathe and smile.

Being astonished on days like these


On days like theseI look at the skyand wonder. On days like thesethe earth repliesbe still, breathe deeperand feel the air. On days like theseI am awed by being.Of loving and living,and knowing I belong. On days like these. ~ Inspired by walking outside and seeing the sky heralding the year’s longest night.

Remembering to breathe in and breathe out


Breathing is an integral part of life, right? Yes. We couldn’t live without it. But what about the whole of our lives: do we build in time for deeper breathing? If we are always on the go, where is our reflection? How do we see where we’ve been, what brought us here and where we … Read more