On Spring light and life – a blessing

View across the hills, with sheep and the foreground

I love how light seeps across the valley at this time of year. Instead of little pops of green, the trees and hills are starting to pick up the refrain. And smiling as they do. Welcoming spring and embracing new life. SPRING BLESSING Trip your sagging heartinto the vernal gleam;foot-light that weary bodythrough the wood-flowers’ … Read more

A wild and beautiful invitation

Rainbow in the hills with damp wild honeysuckle in the foreground

After days of rain and mud, yesterday we finally had sun. Until I went out to feed the alpacas… Then the hail. Hard white balls that pounded on the corrugated roof and my hat. Cold. Yet also bringing along a ray of hope. And with it, the recognition that we belong in this wide, wild … Read more

Offering a blessing in a midweek Pause for Peace

End of the day on the hillside with sheep and fencing in silhouette

I’ve wondered what John O’Donohue’s blessing For Belonging offers in our regular midweek Pause for Peace. Because if belonging confers mutuality, what do we have to give to those in war zones? ‘May you arise each day with a voice of blessing whispering in your heart.’ Even though we may feel we have little that … Read more

Your breath is the hope of the universe

Striking pink sky at dusk above the dark hillside

This beautiful blessing from Steve Garnaas-Holmes yesterday felt particularly timely. As we develop our rhythm of pause, especially #Pause4Peace, let his words seep into our souls. BLESSED ARE YOU Blessed are youwho guard your joy so tenderlybecause you’re also heartbroken for the world.Blessed are you who, in passing moments,feel a flutter of dreadfor what is … Read more

The gift of your presence


Being human is an extraordinary gift, and with it comes the opportunity to be present. To choose to cultivate our inner and outer being – our soul and our relationships, including our work – because they are inseparable. Because our presence, in its fullness, is our gift to each other and the difference we seek … Read more

On hearing our own voice


Can we hear our own voice? In a world full of noise, this isn’t easy. How do we know it is ours and not the echo of others? Does it sound like us? Is it a voice we want to be around? A stranger we want to meet, whom we wish others to know. This … Read more

A Blessing for the Creative Soul


Today as we more intentionally shift towards The Art of Quiet Disruption, it seems appropriate to revisit a poem I wrote in 2020. At the end of the first Creative’s Workshop, run by Seth Godin and Akimbo, I wanted to capture the sense of the threshold we were crossing. This is the result, and it’s … Read more

A blessing for life together


In our brokenness,may we not cling to the raft of power. In our shadows,may we reach toward the kind light of love. In our doubts,may we not grab for shallow certainty. In our vulnerability,may we share this brave space with others, Because peace shared is wholeness. And through each other’s eyes, we see lifein all … Read more

Being in this moment of time


While today marks the end of an era, it is also a day like all others. Where we make a multitude of small choices that tilt our lives in one direction or another. And as I write, I am looking at John O’Donohue’s words from his blessing for Matins May I live this day Compassionate … Read more