A wild and beautiful invitation

Rainbow in the hills with damp wild honeysuckle in the foreground

After days of rain and mud, yesterday we finally had sun. Until I went out to feed the alpacas… Then the hail. Hard white balls that pounded on the corrugated roof and my hat. Cold. Yet also bringing along a ray of hope. And with it, the recognition that we belong in this wide, wild … Read more

Being in harmony with ourselves

Scarlet Elf Cup fungi with deadwood and moss

We cannot truly belong if we are not bringing our whole selves. Our unique, one-of-a-kind being. Or, to express it another way, our particular singularity and sense of belonging are inextricably connected. We cannot have one without the other. It starts with our belonging to ourselves. We need to own who we are. So, are … Read more

Belonging is more than just fitting in…

Early spring pollination of skimmia buds

Conforming to be accepted isn’t belonging. It gives others, singular or group, control in return for something else. Whereas at its foundation, true belonging is being seen for who we are—and loved in the broadest sense. ‘May the frames of your belonging be generous enough for your dreams.’ And it is two-way. Because there is … Read more

Recognising our need to belong

Close up of camellia flower after the rain

I’m not sure what triggered it, but I’ve been increasingly aware of the deep need for a sense of belonging. It’s easy to rationalise or offer simplistic solutions, yet I sense this is something to sit with. Therefore, John O’Donohue’s For Belonging is an excellent place to start. FOR BELONGING May you listen to your … Read more

Why are we here, and where do we belong?

View of the lake in morning sun with the pair of swans in the foreground

Why are the swans here? They’ve only been in the valley briefly, yet they are exercising proprietorial jurisdiction over the lake. Including warning us about coming too close… And they appear to be considering nesting here, which would be a first. So what drew them here at this time? Also, we see extraordinary inner navigation … Read more

Being rooted while in transition…

Swan on the lake with autumn background

The solitary white swan left on Wednesday. And we miss her beautiful presence. I sensed she felt safe here and stayed for as long as she needed, probably for some form of grieving. But then it was time to go… Being rooted while in transition – this seems like a contradiction. How can we be … Read more

What do we hear in the other voice?

Steve walking down the hill

I don’t speak ‘alpaca’, but I do know who is talking when the more vocal amongst our herd make themselves known. And I don’t know what every Steve in the world sounds like, but I could pick out ‘my Steve’ in any vocal lineup. Likewise, he is very good at discerning my anxious and self-denying … Read more

On being grounded in place

Family of Canada Geese walking along the lakeside path

Two delightful conversations this week reminded me of the importance of being grounded. Grounded as in being earthed. This grounding reminds us that we have bodies, not just heads. And that our time in the digital domain needs to be counterbalanced if we are to remain healthy and whole. Not grounded, as in being trapped … Read more

When you thought it was just you…


The other day I did wonder whether this was the year of big individuals. Bright and healthy bluebells were appearing as specimens dotted across the valley. They were splendid, but the areas usually covered in blue were just clumps of long green leaves. Following the astonishing harvest of big acorns last autumn, it looked like … Read more