Being at one with the contradictions


I suspect I’m not the only one who, when faced with contradictions, assumes I must be doing something wrong. Yet things that ‘don’t add up’ is the very nature of life. Yesterday I was struck by the glorious call to being awake from the daffodils and caught the urgency of being alive. Yet I also … Read more

Freewheeling in the wind


Echoes of the storm’s song still swirling above the valley where seagulls collectively play in the wind, abandoned to the sheer delight of being. When did we stop trying to fly and thought it was advancement? + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Pause here in this place


PAUSE IN THIS PLACE Pause in this place.Yes, look around,what do you notice? Listen for the heartbeatsof those close by,flow with their breath. Sense with their eyes,tune into their ears,know with their soul. Who are thesewe walk on by,whose air we share? Pause in this place.We don’t needto be elsewhere. We are needed here.Doing what … Read more

I am not complete without you


Belonging is a state, not a decision. Yet, in our individualistic world, we assume it’s all about us. It isn’t. ~ a simple thought each day for the in-between time.

Being astonished on days like these


On days like theseI look at the skyand wonder. On days like thesethe earth repliesbe still, breathe deeperand feel the air. On days like theseI am awed by being.Of loving and living,and knowing I belong. On days like these. ~ Inspired by walking outside and seeing the sky heralding the year’s longest night.

Being at home where you are


It doesn’t seem to matter where I go in our little valley; moss is at home here. Not just one kind of moss, but a delightful plethora of shapes, colours and textures. The nature of the terrain and the fact that alpacas don’t treat moss as a delicacy probably help. So does our leaving fallen … Read more

Gifting ourselves love


‘You’ is one of my favourite Gideon Heugh poems. It reminds me that I am more than enough. Even in the face of heartbreak, failure or defeat, yes, even there, we are enough. And if this is true – which I fundamentally believe – then we don’t need to adopt a character to play our … Read more

Just showing up is a great strength


Another start of the week. And another timely piece I heard for the first time yesterday. Many of us are learning new ways to walk in this emerging world because the old ways are failing. Where previously we might have expected larger than life characters delivering change in a blaze of glory, we now know … Read more

‘To be great, be whole…’


Greatness isn’t measured in fame or likes. It shows up in the little things, what we leave in or take out. It’s who we are when the world isn’t looking. Walking with wise words from the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa: To be great, be whole: don’t exaggerateOr leave out any part of you.Be complete in … Read more

Revealing who we really are


This is Nidian. He’s nine months old, and since the day he was born, he’s oozed confidence and lively character (read cheeky). While his distinctive personality may have been brought to life more quickly by his close encounter with a small ravine shortly after birth – he wriggled over the edge and thankfully got caught … Read more