Finding hope in the cycles of life

Two small crocus flowers in the debris against a wall

Each year, I experience a thrill at the emergence of the crocus. Their appearance heralds the approach of spring and new life. Yet these first buds in the valley are tiny, and I wouldn’t have noticed them if Steve had not discovered them first. Aren’t they beautifully formed, exquisite in detail and such a gorgeous … Read more

Here is the only place to start

View of the lake through the reeds showing the water loss

We start from where we are, not over there. THE SONG Start from herewith the words you haveand your own voice.  ­You are enough.Imperfect and beautiful,sing the love songof the world we’relonging to hear. + Sue Heatherington Go gently, with courage. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Inspired by a lovely conversation with Salvador Bosque

Your part in new beginnings

pink buds of foxglove flowers

In one sense, we are always alive to new beginnings, though I wasn’t especially looking for one now. However, time has that habit of folding and creasing in unexpected ways. Not calling us to do, but to pay attention. To listen to what we need to hear. Steve Garnaas-Holmes’s poem on Thursday caught my attention … Read more

Can you see the tide turning?

light catching ripples in the brook

Recently a friend spoke with a clear sense of the turning tide. This resonated with me and others with whom I shared the image. What are you seeing? WAKING UP This is a new day. And each sunrise is a new beginning. A time to put away the shrouds of night and put on the … Read more

Celebrating broken signs of life


Here is the delicate half-shell of a Swallow’s egg. Beautiful, isn’t it? Fallen on the stable floor from the nest built in the rafters. By birds who have flown thousands and thousands of miles to nest again in our valley. New life begins to breathe. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿


Green fern unfurling

Musing on these beautiful ferns lining the green paths… UNFURLING What do you hold within yourself that you are ready to reveal? Summoning courage to shed the fear of unreadiness, impatient to unfurl all you could be into the spring light of new beginnings. This isn’t the certainty of success, it’s the joy of being. … Read more

On seeing new life


I am awed by the privilege of seeing new life emerge. Whether it’s the tiny shoots of green, the eruption of tadpoles or the emergence of someone stepping bravely into all they can become. It’s astonishingly beautiful. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Our gloriously messy new beginnings


Have you noticed how new beginnings are usually messy despite our hopes and best intentions? This isn’t a failure but a beautiful expression of life. And life has its way of emerging, which is always more than we could imagine. So let’s permit ourselves to engage with playful anticipation. Because new beginnings aren’t a test … Read more