Weaving a beautiful way of being

Patterns of lichen on a stone in a field

Here’s the thing about modern industrial looms: the thread has to be uniform. It must meet spec. Otherwise, the weaving process will require constant adjustment, or it will fracture. How different is the human and natural world, where being celebrates uniqueness… A beautiful you. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Amazing patterns of lichen on … Read more

Choosing something beautiful

Fading pink hydrangea, including skeleton petals

Yesterday, while pondering the choices we make, this extraordinary contemplative poem dropped into my inbox from Steve Garnaas-Holmes. FATE Sometimes it seems life knows what it’s doingand then suddenly forgets, or maybe gets distracted.You’re just going along, we say, and then suddenlyeverything changes in an eyeblink. A kid is born. Tires screeching on pavement, a … Read more

A beautiful invitation to fullness

Beautiful purple thistle head

What a way to start the week, not just waiting for next weekend… BECOMING Becoming. Isn’t that a beautiful word? It doesn’t assume we’ve arrived,or judge us for our progress. Instead, it’s a generous invitationto keep moving towards all that we can be. The distinctive fullness that only we can occupy,because there will only ever … Read more

Going gently in the mist

Close up of water droplets on hydrangea flower

Yet again Welsh cloud envelops the valley. It brings a soft touch and a gentle light. IN THE MIST Go gently there’s no rush. Let the soft mist touch your face and refresh your sense of who you are. Beautiful. + Sue Heatherington We don’t have to run. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Your beautiful song

single emerging honeysuckle bud against a green background

Song has become a theme this week. I wasn’t expecting that. Yet somehow, it feels right. Not just for me but perhaps also for you. YOUR BEAUTIFUL SONG There’s a song that only you can sing, buried deep within, it’s been there since the beginning of you.   Faint notes caught when you’re still, waiting … Read more

Beautiful greens


Walking back after shearing the alpacas, I was grubby and tired. And then I spied these ferns along the green path… BEAUTIFUL GREENS Layers of green, not competing for attention but simply being their subtle selves,  are beautiful and calm evocations to breathe life into desiccated souls. + Sue Heatherington Where do you go for … Read more