Hope in living the questions


Those big, enduring questions that we carry around don’t have simple answers – as if there is a single solution. We are meant to live with them and let them grow us. Being open to the shafts of light given to us along the way: from within, from the natural world and each other. As … Read more

On mishearing intentions


I wonder if we miss the invitation of beautiful questions because we give them another voice. And perhaps hear a tone that closes us down rather than opens us up. It’s worth considering. Now, what was it you said?

Pausing with a beautiful question


Earlier this week, I stumbled across a delightful podcast: Crazy Good Turns, hosted by Frank Blake and Brad Shaw (Former CEO and VP of Home Depot). Their guest was the poet, author and philosopher David Whyte, and the episode experimented with thoughtful questions from listeners who had read David’s book Consolations. David explored a favourite … Read more

Creating space for beautiful questions


Beautiful questions need room to breathe. These are the ones that open up our world rather than closing it down. That inspires hope, yet do so graciously and gracefully. Not pushing us into a corner but inviting us into wide-open spaces. Beautiful questions remind us that we are whole beings, becoming from the inside out. … Read more