Please don’t settle for grey

Close-up of foxglove with raindrops

We need fresh voices. Those who will ‘live like a poet’, in the words of Satish Kumah. Who will sow seeds of wild hope in beautiful words and won’t settle for sorry versions of sameness. And will take every opportunity to be present with life. Because the time is now. DON’T SETTLE Don’t settle for … Read more

Being carriers of words that matter

Single fern

“Don’t shoot the messenger…” We know the phrase and may have used it ourselves. Yet it takes courage to say something different that may be uncomfortable to hear. Conversely, we have all seen the elevation to celebrity status of those whose words are empty. And what about the words we say to ourselves? They shape … Read more

Wandering in the lesser light

Tip of a daisy against a dark backdrop

I rarely find what I’m looking for in bright light. Everything is too flat, devoid of nuance and texture. Sure, it may be clear, with sharp edges. But it doesn’t breathe or sing to my soul. And this isn’t only about taking photographs… How about you? What are you looking for that really matters to … Read more