Paying attention to the little things

Tiny blue speedwell flowers in the grass

Yesterday afternoon, in the spring sunshine, my walk was deliberate. I wanted to pay attention to the little things. Along the path, I noticed the gorgeous pops of vibrant violet-blue of the tiny speedwell, knowing that within hours, they would fade, having completed this fleeting stage of their lifecycle. But they weren’t waiting for me … Read more

What are you looking for now?

Single swan gliding on the lake

We change. Our world changes, and what we pay attention to shifts. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? An answer, a solution, something to make it better? The truth, an angle, a way to sound clever? A way out, an escape, a path that leads elsewhere? More beauty, deeper peace, the hope of love somewhere? + … Read more

Where is your precious attention?

dew on spider's web

At the start of his brilliant book, The Art of Noticing: Discover What Really Matters to You, Rob Walker quotes Amy Krouse Rosenthal: “For anyone trying to discern what to do with their life: pay attention to what you pay attention to. That’s pretty much all the information you need.” It’s an excellent question to … Read more

Watching for the ripples


Splash! We did/didn’t (delete as appropriate) see that one coming…. Every day there is something that interrupts our little worlds. Some are big, others not so, but they all have an impact. However, I wonder if we’ve become so addicted to the splash that we’ve failed to take note of the ripples. Our attention span … Read more

Paying attention to the cycles of life


Here, waiting to remind us, life continues its cycle, whether we notice or not. + Sue Heatherington Walking the valley yesterday and being struck by the immediacy and abundance of dandelion flowers which had suddenly appeared. And then remembering Mary Oliver’s words: To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work. + Mary Oliver … Read more

Flourishing in the right place


Accepting the gifts we have and that we are, isn’t passive. As custodians of this little valley, with its more-than-human inhabitants, we pay active attention to the environment. This is wisdom at work. And likewise, we need to pay attention to the place where we, and our creativity, flourish. Or, in the wise words of … Read more

Who are we waiting for?


These euphorbia buds were ready and waiting for the warmth and light of the spring sun. And yesterday, they emerged. Aren’t they beautiful in all their fullness? So here’s the thing. If we wait for someone else to create the right circumstances for us to flourish, we’ll never be ready. Conversely, if we pay close … Read more

Paying attention to the silence


How about stepping into the silence rather than running away from it? What might we find that we can’t hear elsewhere? Especially once we make friends with our fear. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

No more careless looking


Will we respond to today’s invitation to really see? To pay attention with different eyes and notice what has been there all along? Cherishing the sight. After all, we don’t see deeply with our minds. Pause. See. Re-story.