Who might you open the door for?


In our farmhouse, we have several doors with odd handles. On one side is a round handle, and on the other is a lever type. This is because one of our dogs was extraordinarily good at opening doors. Even ones that required pulling towards you. Sadly she is no longer with us. Yet her memory … Read more

Naming the beautiful multitude


Days when beloved faces shone brighterWith light from beyond themselves;And from the granite of some secret sorrowA stream of buried tears loosened. The penultimate verse of John O’Donohue’s blessing At the end of the year conjures up a sea of beautiful faces for me. The many, many people who have been part of my year, … Read more

Appreciation – a gift to be shared generously


When was the last time we revelled in appreciation? Not just a cursory ‘thanks’ or a ‘like’, but a celebration of gratitude, naming what we appreciate in generous language. And not only for people. What about the elements of our daily life? Our food, what we wear, and aspects of life make us comfortable. Who … Read more