What if beauty is a verb

Bee on lavender flowers

When I first came across this assertion from Alan Moore in Do Build: How to make and lead a business the world needs, it took me a while to adjust my thinking. Yet now, walking around the valley, it is in evidence everywhere. The beauty on glorious display is co-created. Nothing has come into being … Read more

Finding space at the edge

small waterlily bud framed by the edges of the green waterlily pads in a pond

My friend Richard Merrick has changed his tagline: Write at the edge Isn’t it brilliant! It is not only a perfect way of capturing what he does (very well) but also an invitation to us. Because there are things we can only see at the edge. And then we need to discern what to do … Read more

How does hope move us?


I want to ask this question because I don’t want to be stuck. Stuck in waiting for optimism to strike, which it won’t (even if it did, it would probably be short-lived). Or simply waiting for someone else to take the initiative. And righting the wrong they or others have created (which is probably abdication … Read more

Let’s join the glorious dance of ‘becoming’!


We are always ‘becoming’ because the only thing that could be called a finished product is inanimate. So for us human-beings-in-the-making, it will always be a dance. The pull of intention and the push of actions. Our desire to become needs feeding. The intention is strengthened as we own and cultivate the yearning, seeing the … Read more

Perseverance and risk

Last night I sat at the kitchen table with a mountain of newly washed alpaca fleece in front of me. Waiting to be teased out and carefully dried. It takes a lot of time to prepare fleece to run my experiment with alpaca fibre. I am trialling a new way of creating a sustainable textile. … Read more

Pick yourself…

Are you standing waiting? Hoping that someone will see you and choose you to step forward? The thing is, no one else can see all that you have to offer. No one can know the potential that is in your heart or the change that you could be. So, to paraphrase a line that Oscar … Read more

Untangling the problem

untangling the problem

Sometimes when we see a difficult problem it just looks like a tangled mess. Like ivy covering a tree, we can’t see what’s really there. In our frustration, we can give up or do something drastic. Like cutting down the tree, or walking away from an important issue. But if we step back and instead … Read more