Start with two…

Everything is about scale. Numbers of people reached, changed, persuaded, cared for, rescued… We all have our metrics. Significant feels worthy.

Except we were never called to save the whole world. So how about turning it upside down? Start with one.

More people are recognising that we make a difference one person at a time. One step at a time. That if we have multiple priorities, we actually have none. And we can all count to one.

In his award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate-making business, Shawn Askinosie talks about ‘reverse scale’. This is depth, not breadth. ‘What if we consider the impact a good idea might have on one person?’

He goes on to add ‘Or ask, ‘How will it change me?’ This approach gives us a greater likelihood of transformation because of the personal connection with another human being in need, which over the long term is the greatest scale of all. Why? Because we produce more change when we change ourselves. And a more compassionate world will solve big problems and produce joy at the same time.” From Meaningful Work – a quest to do great business, find your calling, and feed your soul. 

So who are the two?

You and the person you are wanting to make a difference for…