Sowing the seeds of life

I’d just been musing on the parable of the Sower when I discovered what I think is frog spawn at the far end of the footbridge.

Piled high on the handrail, some fell on the boardwalk, some caught on the rushes below, and some were scattered on the ground.

And isn’t it stunning!

Life in beautiful, clear sacks that will sustain the growing tadpoles. However, time will tell if these will survive in their delicate hammock.

Yet here’s the thing: life loves life. And each of us has an inbuilt desire for more.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

~ Parable of the Sower: some seed fell on the path and was eaten by birds; some fell on stony ground and didn’t have the depth of soil to flourish; some grew among thistles and was choked out; and some fell on good soil and multiplied.