Sounds of generosity…

Today I’d love you to hear Staci Seyferth-Taylor.

She is an amazing woman on a journey, open to exploring her unique contribution to the people around her in Michigan.

We’ve just spent the last two and a half months bumping into each other online in Seth Godin’s Bootstrapper’s Workshop, which I mentioned in Growing hope...

Here is how she summed up the experience of being in that generous environment:

I learned that kindness is more valuable than critique. I learned that relationships are the invaluable asset. I learned that one great question is enough. I learned that knowing that others took the time to read what I wrote made me grateful. I learned that I feel genuine excitement when my fellow bootstrappers made a breakthrough or built something great. I also learned that being honest with myself is worth it in many ways including from a business perspective.

Staci Seyferth-Taylor

Just stop and pause a moment. Let the sounds of generosity wash over you and awaken hope.

If you want to see and hear more of Staci, she has just published her new space for inspiration – Curate Within.