Soul Space

… a more spacious way of being

We all have times in our lives when we need to step away and find ourselves again.

Sometimes, it’s to regain a better sense of perspective, to see the whole, not just the part that is currently occupying us.

Or it may be the feeling that comes when we fear we have nothing more to give. And we need a place of restoration or a clearer sense that another way is beckoning us.

Often, we find these spaces on our own. We know where they are, and we give ourselves permission to go there.

And sometimes, we need company—someone who can hold the space for us, help us breathe, and listen to our souls.

I have been doing this with many different people over many years… often navigating the thresholds in their lives when the simple answers aren’t enough.

Let’s talk…


Slowing down
enough to notice the
little signs of grace,
spacious enough to
become attentive,
water curiosity and
delight in possibility,
the unfolding of a
more generous life.

+ Sue Heatherington

Pause. See differently. Re-story…